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Spring Planning and Envisioning…

Though it may not feel like it for those of us in Seattle… the tulips, daffodils, and crocuses are telling us loud and clear that Spring is here. With that, comes all of the very powerful energetics of the Wood element and the meridians that govern that energy within us, the Liver and Gallbladder.

We’ve had a few months of turning inward, cultivating a kind of energetic potential that only comes with the depth and stillness of the Water Element. But then as the seed pushes through the ground to show itself, as is our responsibility to as well. The “movement” of this time of year is forward, outward, and expansive – an explosion of rebirth and vibrancy. Its time to take whatever you have been mulling over and/or insights gained over the past several months and put them into action.

On a psycho-emotional-spiritual level the Liver meridian is our divine architect… the Planner. And the Gallbladder meridian, the foreman carrying out our cosmic blueprints. This extends far and wide – helping not only our ability to plan our day-to-day activities, but to help guide the way toward manifesting our authentic self and highest destiny.

This is the time of year to stretch our branches in an entirely new way and to greater lengths than ever before. The sensorial organ of the Wood Element is the eyes. So this is the time to nourish our vision on all levels… physiologically yes, but more importantly on the other levels of sight – hindsight, foresight, insight!

How do we go about doing this? Well, there are many, many ways… but here are some suggestions. If you’ve been journaling, dig it out… and see what things you can take from the paper and put into action. Or if you’ve been using the same journal for a while, perhaps refresh your envisioning process with a brand new one that brings with it the vibe of a more current “YOU”. Start a vision board – get a whole bunch of magazines, and cut out words, pictures, articles of things/people/activities: you currently love and are grateful for, those that inspire you, and finally those that you’d like to manifest more of in your life. I like using a cork board because you can then move them around if you want to… allow it to change, as you change. Perhaps consult with someone that has particular gifts in communicating with and/or exploring the Universe beyond our small self.

There is a lot to be gleaned from those properly trained in astrology (of various traditions), shamanic medicine, and the I-Ching. Most importantly, just get out there and start to show up in new ways. Bring a new intention, a new momentum, a new wisdom to everyday life! And truly SEE what shows up in front of your beautiful eyes…

Click here for more information on the Wood Element from the Classical Five Element Acupuncture perspective.

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