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I am humbled and so pleased to share that The Zen of Healing has earned another Top 5 spot for Best Acupuncture, in 2017, by KING5 in the Best of Western Washington. 

"David is a gifted and caring healer. He has been an important part of my healing process, going far beyond the original symptoms that led me to acupuncture in the first place. He not only helped me resolve those original problems, but he has also helped me work through layers of unresolved trauma.  His approach of treating the individual holistically is both powerful and effective."

– John H.

"If I won the lotto, the first thing I would do is invest in stocks and real estate. Second thing, hire David for life! David is amazingly special and beyond incredible at what he does! I swear he has the magic touch for getting me out of pain every time my back flares up. (Which I'm ecstatic to say doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to). One can tell that he really tries to listen and understand your issues and always knows the right questions to ask so he can know exactly how/what he needs to do to help.


Plus: who can beat massage and acupuncture in the same appointment! -- I never fall asleep when I used to get either one or the other type of appointment but with him, my body just lets itself go and I almost never want to leave because my body feels so pleasantly rested, centered, and at ease after seeing him. MUST SEE HIM!"

– Kathy L.

" I have been dealing with Gastroparesis (GP) and other digestive issues for years now. My doctors told me that Acupuncture has been known to help with GP, but I was reluctant after a previous experience with a different acupuncturist didn't go so well. I decided to give it a second shot anyways, this time with David as my practitioner. I am thrilled with the results I have seen with him so far, and it has only been about 2 months since I started! As a person who suffers from chronic nausea - I always get my appetite back after a session with him. He is a master of his craft and knows how to truly help his clients. Not only that, but he is a very kind and compassionate practitioner as well. You can tell he truly loves helping people get better. I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with digestive issues (or any other issue for that matter)!"

– Shannon D.

"David is truly a gifted healer - and I do not dole out such labels often. His extensive experience and education in both TCM and Five Element gives him an unsurpassed ability to treat the human body and soul that few of his peers can hold a candle to. He is a skilled, patient and compassionate listener, genuine and invested in his patients and has successfully helped my body adapt and heal to a plethora of life stressors and minor illnesses for over seven years. I cannot recommend him highly enough for either acupuncture or massage. Don't like needles? No problem - he can use needle-free acutonics or other modalities to get you back on your feet and feeling better! I recommend him to anyone looking for an alternative to western medicine or those who have had previous negative experiences with acupuncture. My friends and family who have gone in has come back to me quite thankful for the recommendation!"

– Aimee G.

Like many reviewers have said, David and his acupuncture practices are like magic. I have had two failed hip surgeries and after my second surgery, not only was I suffering from the original pain in my hip, but also horrible pain in my leg and lower back. When I moved to Seattle I was referred to David for acupuncture- at this point I was willing to try anything to take my pain away. I was a little uneasy at first, but David was calm, caring, and extremely easy to talk to. After only a couple of sessions I could already tell a difference, I was getting better. I have been seeing David for six months now and I can say that my pain level has diminished to almost nothing.


Although I originally came to see David to help with my pain, he has helped me in numerous ways. Feeling lost in a new city, David has been an emotional support system and constant friend. When I came to an appointment feeling sick and stuffy, David had herbs on hand and a treatment to cure my cold. When I confided in him that my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, he told me that he could do acupuncture to promote fertility. And when we found out we were pregnant, David was supportive and full of joy and happiness for us. Throughout my pregnancy, David has been addressing my pain, as well as, offering pregnancy support through acupuncture. I have had a fairly easy pregnancy and I truly believe that it is because of support I have received from David.


David's care is truly holistic and spiritual. I look forward to seeing him, and after each session I am always in a better mood. I feel like no matter what is ailing me, David can somehow help. Soon I will be leaving Seattle, and although I am overjoyed to move back to the place I called home for 25 years to start my family, I am truly saddened that I will no longer be able to see David for acupuncture treatments. I know I can find another acupuncturist but no one will compare to the treatment I have received with David. He is professional, gentle, compassionate, and full of knowledge on how to energize your life physically and emotionally. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve themselves and feel their best.

- Katie T.

David is very talented. I have been going to him for years and I always leave feeling like a million bucks. He listens very well, offers useful recommendations, and then his magic hands get to work. For someone previously very skeptical of non-western medical care, I am now an avid evangelist of it. I always recommend folks to David.

- Lindsay K.

David is truly a gifted healer. He listens carefully and really cares about his patient's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. He works to find the underlying root cause of the imbalances and then corrects it from there which is the deepest form of medicine. His tool bag is expansive including counseling, massage, tuning forks and acupuncture in its TCM and Five Element forms. His treatments have been extremly effective in bringing balance to my health in all these realms. Throughout my pregnancy David was wonderful in helping me with back pain, muscle tension, stress, digestion and bowel support, and gave me really excellent nutritional recommendations. Besides his expansive expertise and knowledge of the medicine he brings, David is genuinely attentive and a generous soul; I highly recommend him. Thank you so much David!

- Liat D.

David Tucker is an amazing acupuncturist. He is always gentle and spiritual.  He educates his clients on their body and helps them to understand how all the elements of the body determine how the body functions. He is very professional and really cares about his clients. He is constantly giving tips on how to calm, and energize your life and your body.


He does a process known as 5 elemental acupuncture, he sees a variety of my friends and they all rave non stop about him and how great he is. In the day of always needing a pill, David heals your body from with in!

- Trisha Q.

David has completely transformed my life. I have had intestinal problems since I was fifteen and been to many different doctors and tried many different medicines. Through David's patience, encouraging words and lighthearted demeanor and using Five Element acupuncture as a conduit, I have reclaimed my independence and never felt better about myself and my body. Before I saw David, I didn't even know how terrible I felt. I had no energy or tools to help myself find what my body needed to heal. David was able to help me see what I needed to work on in order for my body and mind to heal itself. David has given me the tools to have the freedom and energy to do all the things I used to be able to do and more. David also has this magical way of having you come up with your own solutions that you didn't even know you had inside of you. He has helped me find ways to speak through my heart and calm my mind and gut. I quite often say to David, "You are magic." He and acupuncture are magic and I acknowledge him as being instrumental in my physical, emotional and spiritual path to healing.

- Nicole C.

I've been seeing David for several months and I cannot say enough good things about him.  Just walking in to his office has a calming affect.  He is funny and warm and genuine, all the things I look for in a healing practitioner.  He is also straightforward and honest.  I have felt completely comfortable opening up to him, which is rare since I am normally an extremely private person.  He has a way of saying things that resonate with me, so that I often find myself repeating what he has said when I face a difficult situation.  Aside from all that, his 5 Element Acupuncture has made an enormous difference in my life.  I had been to an acupuncturist before, but the results were nothing like I've experienced with David.  I've seen steady progress in how I feel, how I react to stress and how much my mind and body have come together.  I'm so glad I found him!

- Bren C.

David is dedicated to his profession which he loves and has a passion for it.   I have greatly improved my anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, headaches and I feel better grounded to face day to day stress.  I am very thankful for his dedication, respect and quality of care that the provides every time.  I love the fact that he is very gentle with the needles and uses massage and tuning forks which have helped me so much.

- Lucy K.

David is a compassionate and skilled practitioner - truly a master of his craft.  His sessions always begin with plenty of time to discuss your health issues, and pretty much anything else that's on your mind - it's like a bonus mini-therapy session on top of your treatment! (if you need it). This comprehensive approach was a key factor in my recovery from a major health crisis this past year, and I'll always be grateful to David for getting me through it - those thanks fall very short indeed.  

In addition to his excellence as a healer, David is also runs a great practice - scheduling, billing, etc - which is not something that can be said about all small business owners!  Overall, his professionalism, lovely personality, and great healing abilities make David a true pleasure to work with.

- Katrina E.

David is so awesome! I've been dealing with chronic back, leg, and shoulder pain for almost two years. I've seen countless doctors and have always left with more anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness. I knew that I needed to do something different and David came highly recommended by a friend. I've been seeing David for two months now and he has created a great healing plan for me including his own work, along with a team of other practitioners that he collaborates with. I appreciate being looked at as a whole person, not just an MRI scan. After realizing that there are practitioners that actually care about you, and that you can be treated in a cozy and friendly environment, I don't think it will be easy for me to see regular western doctors ever again. I would not say that my pain is anywhere near gone, but I am definitely seeing improvement and I always feel so much happier and calmer after I see David.


- Veronica M.

David is an incredibly gifted and nurturing practitioner.  I originally came to him after mainstream medicine, with its battery of tests, was unable to diagnose, let alone resolve, a painful and distressing inflammatory condition.  Although I was leery of trying acupuncture/TCM again after a frustrating previous experience, I intuitively knew that my time with David would be different.  After my first session, my symptoms improved dramatically and have continued to improve.  


Unexpectedly, the original reason I went to David is now secondary to how much his approach is helping me both mentally and spiritually. David's approach, sincerity, and wisdom have set him above any healing experience I have ever had.  With the utmost respect and admiration I have recommended David to close friends and colleagues.

- Sandy P.

David sees myself, my daughter and my husband. He is an excellent listener and works with the patient's desires and needs.  His gentle and wise demeanor put you at ease. Recently, David helped my husband recover quickly from an injury so he could ride the STP and my husband had previously not even considered acupuncture as a treatment modality.  If David can make a believer out of my doubting spouse, I know he is skilled!

- Karri M.

David helped me kick a 26+ year nicotine habit. I've never done acupuncture so I started the treatments with an open but skeptical mind. "Just do the experiment" I told myself. Well, the experiment was a total success. David treats the whole person (physical, spiritual and emotional) not just the symptoms. He was able to ground me and get me ready to quit  then helped me every step of the way to a nic-free life. Unlike so many health professionals today, David actually cares and takes the time to truly help.

- Jeff S.

David has an incredible gift for the work he shares with his clients.  Appointments with him are never rushed.  The shared conversation appears to be as important as the actual physical work itself.  I am receiving 5 Element Acupuncture treatment for some sleeping difficulties.  This was my first experience with acupuncture of any sort and I entered a bit uneasy.  David's remarkable compassion and calm demeanor were immediately visible and paved the way for calming my uneasiness.  My sleeping has improved remarkably, but what I didn't expect was how this treatment could also affect my life in so many other positive ways.  I highly recommend David's services.

- Glenda G.

David is an excellent practitioner.  He is kind, sensitive, and has an innate gift to treat body, mind, and spirit in a deeply effective way.  In addition to receiving acupuncture treatment from David, I have also had the privilege to have participated in a number of workshops with him.  He is a wonderful teacher as well, and communicates the philosophy behind the Five Elements system with clarity and insight.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  His practice will, without a doubt, help you find balance and health.

- Charles T.

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