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Zen Poetry…

This poem was written by Lindsay Davis, a kindred spirit in my life, just a few days ago. She brings the healing power of Nature and the essential teachings of Zen to her words without even trying.

Whispers from burnt sienna leaves Central Park’s trees standing tall and proud as mother nature drops November rain a child skips over puddles and announces his presence with a jubilant thud while a golden lab tip toes and protects only the scent and sound of leaves soothe my mind squirrels squirming through holes in the fence help me leave it all behind graceful November fall vigorous November fall away from Zabar’s, noisy bars, Fairway, life not feeling fair today away from ambition which blinds and corrupts each innocent action and expression warding off a visit from depression in the autumn whisper wind fresh breath surreptitious sigh dropping the masks, plunk this is not the place for everyone November clouds do not seek grandeur or gold just to dim the sky the little boy speaks of ice cream sundaes and the golden lab’s ears perk up bright yellow leaf lightly falls in my lap breeze catching curls on my neck when the soul for something longs but sits alone it is nature which offers a comfort song.

Thank you Lindsay. You can check out more of Lindsay’s blog posts here.

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