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Physical Rehabilitation:
Paul Molina, DC/Michael Smith, DC – Tangelo

Andrea U-Shi Chang - Kettlebility

Paul Molina, DC/Michael Smith, DC – Tangelo

Holly Hochstadt, DC – Inner Brilliance Chiropractic

Bryan Gregory, DC - Wallingford Family Chiropractic

Naturopathic Medicine:
Jenny Kaltunas, ND, L.Ac - In Tune Healing Arts

Tamar Blau, ND - Roots Naturopathic Medicine

Natalie Kolt, ND - Dr. Natalie Kolt

Tara Shelby, ND, LM – Village Medicine

Nesreen Medina, ND, L.Ac - Medina Group Consulting


Medical Astrology:
Steve Dahmus– Universal Compass

Massage Therapy:
Mark Pearlscott, LMP – Treatment Massage
Jill Potter, LMP - Jill Potter, LMP​

Aimee Gallo, CHHC – Vibrance Nutrition
Meredith Milton, BA, MS - Eating Mindful

Eliza Morton, LMHC, CN – Eliza Morton, LMHC, CN

Mental Health:
Sierra Sanchez, MS, LMFT – Mindful Therapy Group
Christina Pike, ARNP – Village Medicine
Carie Winchell, LMHC, CMHS, MHP – Carie

Jason Medina, MA, LMHC - Medina Group Consulting


Other Excellent Local Businesses:
Floating Leaves Tea – Floating Leaves Tea

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