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David A. Tucker, MSAOM, L.Ac, LMP

I see myself as truly fortunate that what I'm most passionate about is also what I get to do for a living! This was not always the case.

In the summer of 2001, I left the "dot-com" industry to go live at a Buddhist Zen Center. It was then and there that my life clicked into place. I discovered Zen meditation, martial arts, and Chinese Medicine - what would become the natural trifecta of my life to continually guide me and ground me. 


I did my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) training, receiving a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University and my Massage training through the Brenneke School of Massage. My clinical residency in Chinese Medicine was finished in Shanghai, China, completing shifts in internal medicine, psychiatry and trauma.


In pursuit of wanting to work with the more mental/emotional/spirit levels of Chinese Medicine, I sought out a second system of Chinese Medicine – Classical Five Element Acupuncture, training in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA for an additional three years of study.

In more recent years, and with a desire to go deeper within myself and how I connect with people and the world around me, I began extensive training with Thea Elijah, a long-time practitioner of Five Element Acupuncture and Sufism. Her "Whole Heart Connection" and "Living the Elements" work has been an integral part of my professional and personal journey. I just completed a 2-year mentorship program with her and am excited to carry the work forward. For more information, check out her website.

I have been a practicing Zen Buddhist since 2001, having lived at Buddhist Zen Centers on the east and west coast, practicing in both the Japanese and Korean traditions of Zen. I received my Buddhist name "Won Shim" meaning Original Mind, in 2007 under Zen Master Ji Bong. I have enjoyed teaching meditation and qigong classes at several venues around Seattle, including Starbucks Corporate Offices, Embrace the Moon School for Taijiquan and Qigong, Bastyr University, and Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM). 

On a more personal note – I train in multiple martial arts, play various musical instruments, am learning to become fluent in Spanish, and striving each day to be a more present father to my amazing 7 year-old son, Sebastian.

Training and Education

• Worsley Five Element Acupuncture, Teacher Training Advanced - 2019

• Worsley Five Element Acupuncture, Teacher Training Basic - 2018

• Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine –  Bastyr University, 2005

• Dipl. of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – NCCAOM, 2005

• Certificate (2 years post-grad) – Classical 5 Element Acupuncture – FEAT, 2007

• Certificate (1 year) – 5 Element Acupuncture – ASOM, 2004

• Acutonics Sound Healing Level I/II – Kairos Inst. of Sound Healing

• Licensed Massage Practitioner – Brenneke School of Massage, 2003

• BS in Business Management – SUNY Buffalo, 1999

Karin Holt, RN, M.Ac, L.Ac

Hello, my name is Karin Holt. I would like to help you. I offer my listening, my knowledge of Chinese medicine, my willingness to partner with you, as well as your other health care practitioners, and the flexibility to modify our treatment strategies as your needs evolve. Come when you are ready, and I will be glad to work with you to clear what needs to be cleared, to build your capacities, and to walk with you on your journey. 


Here is my story. I began my professional career as a Registered Nurse working with people who had leukemias and lymphomas. Those of us who provided medical care at Johns Hopkins Hospital, nurses, doctors, and many others, partnered together to provide the best care our collective knowledge and hearts could offer. I felt privileged to work with tremendously skilled people. At the same time, I had a condition called lupus, and I became ill. I sought care with some of the best doctors available, yet it was with local acupuncturists that I found my healing. 

When you come to work with me, we will use many tools along our way, including acupuncture needles, moxa, cupping, and manual therapy. Occasionally you might find me integrating some other modalities in which I have had training, such as nursing care, massage therapy, Reiki, and even some yoga. Above all else, my intention is to help you live your life to its fullest, in whatever form that might take.

Training and Education: 

• Post-baccalaureate certificate in Chinese Herbs, Maryland University of Integrative Health, 2018

• Masters in Acupuncture, Maryland University of Integrative Health, 2011

• Registered yoga teacher (RYT 200), student of Kim Manfredi of Baltimore, MD

• Bachelor of the Science of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, 2003

• Diploma in Massage Therapy, East-West College of the Healing Arts, Portland, OR, 2001

• Bachelor of Arts, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN, 1998