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The Spirit of Water…

Here we have the final installment on the power of the Water Element. I’ve talked about the “Will” of Water – the innate force of Nature that can overcome all things; the “Essence” of Water – our inherited storehouse of vital energy that holds the blueprint to our very being and gives us access to our inner magic. Finally, I’d like to briefly talk about the unique qualities that are contained within our Water meridians that have a deep and profound effect on our Spirit.

This post will have a slightly different tone than the others, whereas this will be a bit more technical in Nature into the practice of Classical Five Element Acupuncture. One of the major differences between Five Element Acupuncture and other systems of Chinese Medicine, is that we largely use the points for their psycho-spiritual-emotional functions rather than their physiological ones. Not to say one approach is better than another, its just a different way to connect with a person’s energy according to their individual need.

The Kidney (KD) and Urinary Bladder (UB) meridians contain some of the most powerful of these Spirit Points. They have the ability to help resurrect, restore, navigate, inspire, and brighten the Spirit in ways that no other points can do. In most cases, if your Five Element diagnosis is Earth for example, we mainly only treat the Earth meridians because that is where the system’s root cause of imbalance is. The KD and UB meridians are the only exception to this rule, whereas regardless of a person’s Five Element diagnosis, these Spirit Points can and may need to be accessed to bring the system back into balance. And there is a wide range of actions – perhaps what’s needed is an energizing tonic point for all the major meridians like “Rich for the Vitals”, on the other hand, maybe a deep resurrection of Spirit needs to be called upon with “Spirit Burial Ground” – here lies the subtle yet beautiful art of this medicine.

I’ll leave it here, take in and observe some of these other names of Spirit Points on the Water meridians and see what comes up within your Spirit…

Spirit Hall Spirit Storehouse Amidst Elegance Spirit Seal Thought Dwelling Walking On The Verandah Soul Door Spiritual Soul Gate

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