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Sorting Out Control Issues…

In previous posts I’ve talked about the Summer and the Fire element involving much to do with relationships, intimacy, warmth, and connection. The other aspects of this season involve our ability to be in compassionate control over our universe, as well as being able to sort out the helpful vs. hurtful aspects of our daily lives. From a specific meridian view, we’re talking about the Heart and Small Intestine meridians. Just as the sun is the center of the ‘larger universe’ (macrocosm), the Heart is the center of our smaller universe (microcosm). We are all very familiar with the physiological functions of our Heart, but from a psycho-emotional standpoint, the Heart is deemed the Monarch, the Supreme Controller of all the meridians. It is her role, as Queen, to make sure everyone (in this case, the other meridians) are doing their jobs as optimally and efficiently as possible. Like any good ruler, in order to be listened to, she has to be coming from a place of compassion, openness, and understanding. Otherwise, she becomes uneasy, erratic, and control is lost.

This is a good time of year to do an internal check of your internal ruler. Are you feeling in the flow of things? Or are you bumping up alot of obstacles that seem unsurmountable? Do you feel an overall loss of control? Or are you exhibiting some over-controlling behavior (you might need to ask friends, family, or co-workers for feedback on this one!)? Even just spending time in the sun… sitting, standing, laying, can be recharging. Just be, connect with the sun, envision its rays imparting your royal mandate back into your Spirit.

Its partner in crime is the Small Intestine official. Physiologically, in charge of separating out the pure from the impure nutrients. In other words, whats healthy for us to use and what can be let go of. On a psycho-emotional level, its responsible for the same. We are constantly bombarded by all sorts of information and stimuli from a myriad of sources – our physical environment, the people in our lives, things we read, the media, etc.

How are you able to filter the information you receive on a moment to moment basis? How are you dealing with the day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping or paying your bills? Is it overwhelming? Are you experiencing what feels like an abnormal amount of confusion without much clarity? Sometimes when this official is out of balance… it can cause us to act in bizarre ways. For example, we may speak out loud what should be our inner monologue. Or have difficulty making coherent speech… or even filthy speech, its as if the the rubbish thats not being sorted out is literally building up and coming out of our mouths!

These are simply things to be aware of and a great time of year to strengthen these aspects of ourselves. Just bringing them to the forefront of our minds and putting energy toward them can allow wonderful shifts to occur. If you’d like further support, there are wonderful ways to work with these specific areas – obviously, five-element acupuncture is a great place to start, but not the only one. Taking some time to sort out and reorganize other parts of your life can help tremendously. For example cleaning up your home or work space. Perhaps, seek the guidance of a professional organizer, or feng-shui consultant. Its often said that our home and work space can be a reflection of our internal state.

Give it a shot… you’ve got nothing to lose, except that messy “junk drawer” in the kitchen!

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