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Peaceful Courage…

On Sunday I had a 2-hour appointment with a colleague and shamanic practitioner whom I shared my very first office with, Christine. As energetic practitioners (and just energetic beings) we are prone to having energies other than our own thrown into the mix. Sometimes we are able to shake it off, and sometimes it’s a bit stickier. My session with Christine was one of “clearing”… allowing for a restoration and full circulation of only what is appropriate to be circulating through my body, mind, spirit.

As a shamanic practitioner, Christine is a vessel, an instrument of the spirit guides that are here to support all of us along our journey to embrace our highest selves. One of the final pieces of the appointment was to remind and replenish my unique life essence. She then shared with me what came up – peaceful courage, non-attachment, and playful curiosity. “Playful curiosity” was fun to hear and be reminded of considering my post last week. “Non-attachment”, a key aspect of zen practice… and a never-ending work in progress. This could be a whole other post, though a concern for me that came up was where non-attachment becomes a sort of emotional/spiritual apathy. Christine assured me this was not a part of the energy that was being re-integrated.

“Peaceful courage” was what stopped me in my tracks a bit. What did that mean? I’m still stewing over it. What immediately came to mind was Dan Millman’s book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. I tried to write this post on sunday after my session, but I really couldn’t articulate much. With further investigation (curiosity), it occurred to me that this notion of peaceful courage was actually something that felt very systemic within all that I do… or at least what I attempt to bring to everything I do. From a five-element acupuncture perspective, it feels very much like an energetic inherent within Water. The will and calm force it takes for deep waters to wear away at rock over time. It’s a slow process, with many unknowns… requiring patience, fluidity and adaptability in order to not stagnate or overwhelm. This is my mandate. This is what fuels the momentum and passion behind my acupuncture practice, zen practice, and all of my relationships.

Over the years, in regards to my relationships (both friendship and intimate), I have noticed that some are really attracted to the sort of “intensity” I bring to the table… and for some, its a bit too much. In my younger years, I thought it was something I needed to change about myself… asking, “what is wrong with me?”, “am I some sort of crazy person?”. In recent years, I have really embraced it. And let me tell you, I have some of the greatest friends one could ever ask for. And you know what? They’re all pretty f!@#n’ intense… AND we wholeheartedly love each other!

They are authentic, compassionate, and have the utmost of integrity. They are shiny mirrors of peaceful courage… as artists, practitioners, husband, wife, mother, child, friend, spirit of this universe. I see the peaceful courage that it takes to truly be passionate about something or someone… to truly be and actually share your authentic self.

In the end, I’m grateful for the work done with Christine and the reminders that were brought to the forefront. I am grateful for an incredible crew of friends. And I am grateful for all those that walk through my treatment room doors. The peaceful courage it takes to reach out for help, allow oneself to be vulnerable (which is not always peaceful), and open up to what their healing potential can unfold… is nothing short of extraordinary. I humbly bow to all of you…

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