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Health Fairs???

As an added benefit of teaching for Starbucks corporate offices, their Wellness Division Manager seems to give the instructors dibs on some of the various corporate health fairs in the area. The booth is paid for, parking is validated, and you’re given the chance to expose people who might not otherwise take the plunge into various modalities a snapshot of what you do. I’ve done a few others before, and today was for Sound-Transit downtown. I was there to teach three 15-minute breakout sessions on chair-meditation, and then be at my booth for an additional 2 hours. Well, there was an audit being conducted in the room I was supposed to teach in and they wouldn’t leave. So with less than 10 minutes before the first class was supposed to start, a new room needed to be found and somehow the people that signed up for the classes were going to magically appear in the new room. Nope… not quite. It’s ok though… it was an honor to work with the few that found their way to the new location.

Admittedly, this whole scene is a bit of an experiment for me. So far it seems like more of a networking opportunity than anything else. The table next to me was run by a very nice life-coach specializing in working with “women professionals” and across the way was a business for various yoga supplies. I was sharing my table with Becky Hellerstein, RD, CD. I found her to have a lot of passion and integrity. Her niche is quite unique… combining nutrition and yoga, while also doing wellness-coaching at Starbucks.

At this point, I’m on the fence about doing additional health-fairs. I’m signed up for one at Fisher Plaza the first week of November, and I’ll certainly make good on it. The thing is, they take up 4 hours of my day, and so far haven’t been much of a boost for my practice. There’s a bit of irony there, considering the best “advertising” for my business has always been word-of-mouth… but people want to hear it from the client’s mouth, not mine!

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