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Winter and the Water Element…

The leaves, fruits (except for a few persimmons – see previous post), flowers, all of Nature’s gifts have fallen to the ground, and found their way back into the earth, back to its source… the Tao. The cycle of life, like the calendar year, has reached both an end, and a new beginning. This new beginning, both literally and metaphorically, starts with a seed. A seed that is deep and still… and simultaneously gathering power, amassing tremendous potential, to finally manifest its will in the coming of the Spring.

We see this same potent power in the deep ocean – wherein also lies the capacity to be still, deep, and reflective… yet at a moment’s notice, it can be turbulent, unyielding, and even destructive.

As for US during the year, this is a time of going inward… connecting with our own capacity to be still and go deep within ourselves. It is a time of reflection, cleansing, and cultivation. Reflecting on this year’s harvest – its moments of growth, connection, nourishment, inspiration along with its moments of chaos, loneliness, starvation, and letting go. Then can we look in the pond and see ourselves staring back at us in the present – who am I today, what have I become, and finally… what is to come?

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