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In the End What Matters Most…

This is a favorite quote of mine… and sums up the energetics of the Autumn season/Metal element from a Five Element Acupuncture perspective very nicely.

“..In the end what matters most is, How well did you live, How well did you love, How well did you learn to let go…” – Unknown

I feel this question of “how well” is simply an observation of our own individual (yet also) collective effort. Not necessarily a place of judgment or criticism… simply a look and an acknowledgment. A nod without a stare or desire for things to be or have been different. The Metal Element having much to do with our own personal quality, value, self worth… a profound connection to our highest self, and how we not only receive it but are inspired by it!

“How well” do you receive praise from friends, colleagues, loved ones? Can you breathe it in? Does it take your breath away, stopping you in your tracks? Do you sigh or take a big breath before pushing the words “thank you” out of your mouth?? It can be an interesting little exercise to play with.

Can we fill our lungs with the stuff of what living is made of, our hearts with the stuff that love is made of and then finally embrace the release of it all?!

Quick exercise: Pick up a vibrant autumn leaf (easy to find here in Seattle)… inhale, be in awe of its color, its spark, its quality… exhale, then let it go. Repeat with a new leaf, a new breath, a new experience, a new love, a new quality of life!

Go, observe, live, love, let go!

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