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Autumn and the Metal Element…

After the harvest, the time of bringing in nourishment and filling our storehouses, Nature continues its decline and starts to let go… into the season of Autumn. The air is cool and crisp accompanied by misty rains falling from the Heavens. The leaves turn from greens… to fiery yellows, oranges, and reds… giving us their final spark of fire and inspiration. Then they let go from the branch from which they came and make room for the new growth in the Spring, insuring continuity and abundance. The fruits, flowers, and leaves that have fallen continue their rotting and decomposition, and simultaneously – pour precious nutrients, minerals, and essence back into the soil to contribute towards a vigorous Spring.

This is my favorite time of year, especially here in Seattle. If you’re reading this locally, please get to the Japanese Gardens during this time, its just gorgeous!

Like with the other Elements… that which occurs in Nature, occurs within us. In the Late Summer, fueled by a connection to the Mother… in Autumn, it is the breath of the Father, our connection to the highest Spirit within us all to inspire and let go with every breath we take. Just as the nutrients and essence of the previous growth is taken in and passed on to give birth to a new Spring… the Father passes on his experiences and knowledge to the child, so they may flourish on his new path. In contrast to the nourishment, warmth, and compassion of the Mother… the gifts of the Father (and of the Heavens) are that of support, guidance, respect, self-worth, and a keen sense of quality. He is one of our first figures of authority, a source of wisdom, a mentor, a guide to point the way.

In Nature, one example of the Metal Element that comes to my mind is the mountain. A mountain (to me) demands respect – it has existed for centuries (or more), symbolizing incomparable structure and support; throughout his existence has seen and experienced moments and events beyond our comprehension, giving him great wisdom and a sense of value; he is rooted, nurtured, and loved by the Earth below… yet stretched out and in constant communication with the Heavens, giving and receiving inspiration.

And within these incredible gifts, we can than see and feel as we stand there in awe of its magnificence, an incredible sense of self-worth. Not as a braggart, but of someone who is truly connected to Spirit, and is able to mindfully see their own value, acknowledge his achievements, and than just as important… let them go, so as to make room for the next breath, the next spark, the next moment to talk to God. For more information on the Metal Element, relating to Five Element Acupuncture.

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