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Laughter, the Best Medicine…

Each of the five elements carries the energetic imprint of a specific color, sound, odor, emotion, season, climate, taste, time of day, etc. Incorporating some of these things into our lifestyle, especially during their corresponding season can be extraordinarily nourishing. The emotion related to the Summer season/Fire element is Joy and the sound is Laughter. You have probably heard or read about people who have overcome major illness and trauma, and used the sheer power of laughter to ignite and continuously sustain their healing process.

Is it so unbelievable? Every day new science is showing us the raw data linking our emotions to physiological changes in the body. And how continual processing of specific emotions light up various aspects of the brain which then has a corresponding affect on hormone secretion, organ function, musculo-skeletal change, etc.

This is one of the easier homework assignments I sometimes give to my patients. What can you be doing to keep your entire body, mind, spirit smiling?! It can be as simple as watching funny movies or cartoons, but I encourage you to think a bit outside the box. What about going to a dog park and watching the animals play, or a playground that children are romping around in? When was the last time you picked up a jump rope or set of crayons? What are you passionate about? Whatever it may be… do more of it! Surround yourself with people that love to laugh, that are passionate about life, that always know how to turn any situation into something positive and productive.

What have you got to lose… except a really good time!!

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