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Embracing our Healing Potential…

Though many people are familiar with my tagline and what it truly represents, I feel inspired to write about it here.

“...with a gentle reminder, healing comes from within.”

Many people (though not all) who go to see traditional allopathic physicians and are given a western diagnosis, allow this to then cement their existence… or at least the view of their own health and wellness. They become resigned, settled in, and even find a certain security within their newfound diagnosis. This leaves very little hope for change. As the law of attraction goes, the more a person’s attention (patient or practitioner) is on the dis-ease, and the labels that then name that dis-ease… the more energy we are feeding into it, giving it staying power rather than transforming it into something beautiful and creative for the Universe. The pharmaceutical companies are no help either – making every advertisement a tantalizing solicitation for you to inquire about this magic pill that’s going to solve all your problems… that is until they get to the laundry-list of side effects.

Now the truth is our bodies’ cells, tissues, muscles, organs, etc. are constantly rebuilding and regenerating on a moment to moment basis. Underneath that, everything is just energy, and always moving towards Oneness. Human beings are only set apart by having a conscious mind and ego, our greatest gift and our greatest challenge. Sometimes we need a little help in finding that balance again. In my view, this is the role of the practitioner, offering a “gentle reminder”. This place is the root of all healing, and if you want to tap into that you will need to see and be seen for your entire self, in all your beauty, wisdom, and integral part of the great Oneness.

What is your part? Well, to start where are you putting your time, energy, and emotion? Are you doing or at least exploring the things you love? Are you surrounded by and engaged with people that are like-minded and supportive toward the benefit of all beings? Are you finding quality contemplative time for yourself? Are you getting enough exercise, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water? Are you spending time in Nature? This doesn’t need to be a big camping trip or all-day hike. Just step out your door, and sit under a tree, stand in the sun, put your feet in the water, put your hands in the dirt, lay in the grass. Its amazing what a half-hour of doing any of these things can do to cultivate your innate wisdom to grow, heal, and change!

What is my part? Much of the work I do in my practice is educating and re-empowering people to take the health of their own body, mind, and spirit back into their hands… essentially, holding a mirror to reflect back their own innate potential to become whatever they want to be.

I encourage you to awaken and embrace the inner-healer within you, be glued to the driver’s seat and feel empowered!


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