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Dreaming To Have the Best Laid Plans…

In the Five Element acupuncture world, we talk allot about how we can live in closer harmony with Nature. Well, certainly acupuncture treatment helps with that. But what about some “take home” stuff?

Throughout the day each Official has a two hour window of time where the Qi is flowing strongest throughout that meridian… its time to shine! This is something we should be mindful of and use to our greatest benefit. Here we are in the Spring Season and the Wood Element, our Officials of the Liver and Gallbladder… also known as our Planner and our Decision-Maker. Their time is from 11pm-3am. So in order to really maximize all the qualities of the Wood Element and strengthen these aspects within us, our Body should be resting.

So in bed by 11pm to support the best plans and decisions for our body, mind, and spirit. To create and put into action our visions for the year. And remember, this is vision on all levels – insight, hindsight, foresight. To help us move forward in our lives with outward, expansive, assertive action. Even physiologically, we are supporting the health of our eyes, tendons, and of course, our liver and gallbladder organs.

Sweet dreams Seattle!

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