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Qigong (sometimes seen as chi-kung) is translated as “energy work”. They are exercises using similar movements seen in Tai-Qi, designed to have a specific therapeutic benefit on the body, mind, spirit. Some may facilitate the cultivation or circulation of energy, while others may strengthen particular organs or meridians in the body. I offer a series of 11 exercises as shown by my teacher, Zen Master Ji Bong. They are powerful tonics for our entire energetic system – based on the Five Elements, the 12 Major Meridians, and the 8 Extraordinary Meridians. This is very important work and a wonderful adjunct to an individual’s healing process when done consistently.


Have you ever been curious about meditation and how it can support your journey of health and wellness? Do you have stress in your life? Do you find yourself having an overactive mind or feeling consumed by particular feelings or emotions? Do you have previous meditation experience?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then there are some wonderful options. I have recently added a small meditation area in my treatment rooms and have started to incorporate seated meditation into people’s sessions if they want it. I offer simple instruction on posture, breath, and methods of working with the mind.

For a more formal experience, check out Blue Heron Zen Community. There is a lot on the calendar now, so please go to the website for the most current schedule – Blue Heron Zen Community.

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